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FOB is a site designed to allow users in the shipping, transport, trade, finance and insurance fields to exploit the new possibilities for online networking in the fields concerned. Unlike other social networking sites, FOB is limited to individuals and businesses working in the areas concerned. Individual users may register free of charge, businesses may join by paying an annual fee of £50. Group Pages may be established to allow users and sponsors to promote discussion and cooperation on specific fields of interest. Suggestions for Group pages are always welcome.

The site is designed to promote public and non-proprietary networking. It is not appropriate for activities carried out by individuals, companies or organizations which are confidential to them.

Some groups will be established for the information and convenience of users. The FOB system is simple and easy to use. Use of the site grows as users and businesses join. Active users will tend to expand the fields in which the site is actively used. New users should feel free to experiment with the site and to employ the advantages they may find in using the site.

Users of the site are expected to conduct themselves in a fair and mannerly way. Abusive, insulting or rude postings which can be a feature of the internet will not be tolerated. Within these limits FOB is a very good medium for discussion, debate and cooperation.

You can invite people to receive your postings and people can apply to join your pages. You must give your approval for them to participate in your efforts. Registered users can use all the facilities of the site. Unregistered users can only read a limited number of pages, e.g. the news page and home page.

FOB will be heavily promoted to the Readers of Bow Wave and The Maritime Advocate Online but will also be open to non-readers wishing to join.

A privacy policy places limits on what can be done with the data generated on the site.


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