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A page given over to the world of Protection and Indemnity...
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Fichte & Co is an international commercial law firm, with its head...
09 May 2016 22:40
I am going to suggest that, far from being near the bottom of the classic shipping cycle, we are at a point where things just migh...
09 May 2016 22:40
19 Jan 2015 15:53
On 8th January 2015, following the recognition by the CHA that its authorised pilots should continue to provide pilotage services ...
19 Jan 2015 15:53
04 Nov 2014 16:20
Many people in the shipping and transport industries will recall the early days of Bolero, the world´s first system approved by th...
04 Nov 2014 16:20
29 Sep 2014 11:26
As in previous years this report is a cut above the offerings from most of the other broking houses. Tyzers usually manage to comb...
29 Sep 2014 11:26
Fichte & Co is an international commercial law firm, with its head office in the vibrant and cosmopolitan Emirate of Dubai in the UAE. Our high expertise in...
2011 was a record-shattering year for extreme weather events around the globe. Floods, drought, and storms killed tens of thousands of people and caused over $1...
01 Apr 2020 16:24
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